Best Place to Work in ME – 2020

“I am so happy and excited to announce that we, Wings, have made the 2020 Best Places to Work in Maine list again for the 3rd year in a row. There are 87 companies that made the list. The companies range in size from small, medium, and large.

In the last two years, we had some tough competition and we placed #6 and # 7 consecutively in the medium-sized group which is 50-250 employees (we have 68). We are so proud. We find out the order of our placing on the list in October! No matter what the place I feel we are number 1 and I am so lucky to be a part of this great organization.

So many people have come here, stayed a while, and have gone on to do great wonderful things in every part of this state one thing is clear, many write back to us and tell us about their gratitude for their foundation at Wings that was based in the Wraparound philosophy. We have made lifelong friendships here. We are blessed to have 23 people who have chosen to stay at Wings and have been here between 5-25 years. The following is a message from our staff.

~ Trish Niedorowski, Executive Director

There is no better, no braver way to find out if an organization is truly “The Best” than to simply ask the question – to everyone. So, we asked our staff – Are we The Best and Why? The response was overwhelming! We wish we could share it all, but alas, there’s only room for the highlights.

We are a team. We encourage and support one another. We are more than coworkers – working at Wings feels like working with family, where trust is a two-way street. We celebrate our achievements together and we handle challenging situations with grace.

By utilizing a trauma-responsive model of care, we work together with kindness to provide a no wrong door culture. Input is sought out and valued. Information about our agency is shared and the staff feels informed.

Self-care is emphasized. Health and safety are paramount. This has been especially evident during the current State of Emergency, which has found us working from home with Compassion Pay, a stipend, and a shortened workweek, allowing staff the flexibility to put their families first.

We are proud of our services to families. Heavily invested in helping our communities, we use our knowledge and experience to foster shared leadership and to effect change. Commitment to constant innovation has ensured we are prepared with technology, recently allowing a seamless transition to telehealth.

We have FUN with epic Christmas parties, Easter baskets for “Winglets,” Jean days (twice a week!), ImprovAcadia performing a “Wings Song,” llamas at a staff meeting, and more. We understand the importance of laughter. We get it.

We couldn’t resist adding a few quotes:

“Working at Wings has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

“Throughout my years of employment, I’ve witnessed a wide array of styles, paradigms, and incentives. When I landed at Wings, I was exposed to a totally different way of practicing. I am forever grateful.”

“I’m not sure if I’ve ever learned how to take care of and be better to myself than during my time here.”

“In my short time at Wings, I get the feeling that will I learn and grow within my work, my life, my relationships, and as a person altogether.”

“From the application process to the interview, to the orientation, I knew that Wings wasn’t like any place I’ve worked before.”

“I am so proud to work for Wings and feel that this is our best year yet!”

“Wings is the best! My opinion is that of an employee, as well as a parent of a client that Wings has served.”

“I might end up growing old at Wings…”

More than anything, the last year has taught us that being The Best Place to Work doesn’t actually require a “Place.” It’s the people – the best people doing the best they can. That is what makes Wings one of The Best Places to Work in Maine.”

If you’d like to work for “The Best Place to Work in Maine,” apply here today!

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