We here at Wings are concerned with the health, safety, and wellbeing of the families we serve, our staff, and our community. We will be posting on this website and our Facebook page any updates to our service delivery. Wings is still open and serving families. 

Our care coordinators, family support partners, and nurses are serving our families which can be used for meetings, identifying needs families have, discussing how to best address those needs, and how to continue our service delivery with minimal interruptions and disruptions, while taking the suggested precautions given to us by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).   

What We are Doing For Service Delivery

We are using “telehealth” with families to safely serve them. We have permission from DHHS/Mainecare to use telehealth as an option to face to face meetings. We are going to keep our scheduled meetings but do them via telephone or ZOOM to reduce exposure for you and your family and our staff. 

ZOOM is a teleconferencing app and we would like you to try it out with us. We are happy to provide technical assistance to help you use ZOOM. We can use this video conferencing app to hold our usual face-to-face meetings with our families and colleagues. 

ZOOM can be used on the web or with their app, which is a safe, easy download. It is encrypted for security purposes and HIPAA compliant. Our staff will walk you through how Zoom works. Basically, it is like “Facetime” on an iPhone or Messenger video on Facebook, yet has more security features for your privacy.  

Wings staff would send you a link to your phone or email and you click it. It uses your camera as a video camera to meet. Most service providers are asking families to consider this mode of communication for the time being.

We can also use the telephone. We are emailing things like Individual Support Plans of Care, releases, and Comprehensive Assessments to you for your authorization and virtual signature by replying to the email. We are also using postal mail for releases and other documents that must have a hard copy signature. We will always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your convenience!

We are ensuring staff showing signs of the flu or COVID-19 (Coronavirus) are taking care of themselves and not coming to work. If you have a need and your care coordinator is out, we have many other people here to help should you need anything. Just call our main number 207.941.2988 and you will be assisted immediately.

As a precaution, we are not holding any meetings in any of the offices until further notice.  We will keep you updated right here on this website. If you receive in-home services such as Section 28 or Home and Community Treatment (HCT) we will give you information about how these services will be affected as well as any other appointments such a therapy, medication management, etc.

The CDC is the best place to get information and updates about the COVID-19 virus. You can find that at www.cdc.gov. Another place for information is www.Maine.gov. The Maine Crisis Hotline is still providing crisis services at 1-888-568-1112. Please call should you need them. 

In addition, you can always call us. We will help you with the most recent updates. Wings’ Facebook page is @wingsforchildren&families.

Take care! We will keep you posted. Please do not hesitate to call me at 207.941.2988 should you have questions, concerns, or comments. 


Trish Niedorowski

Executive Director

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