Wraparound Maine

Wraparound Maine is a process that is supported by a contract from the Office of Child and Family Services and DHHS. The contract is specifically designed to provide exceptional care to youth who are at the highest level of risk of losing their placement in their home and community, typically youth who are involved in multiple systems, such as special education, juvenile corrections, child welfare, and/or behavioral health and who have been in out-of-home placements or at risk of losing their community placement. Wraparound is a team-based, family driven approach with community and natural support partners. These partners “wrap around” a family to support the family staying together, working toward a family’s identified vision, keeping their children in local schools and becoming independent, self-sustaining community members.

Wraparound Maine is different than traditional case management. While our facilitators also complete traditional case management duties, such as referrals, coordination and monitoring, they additionally provide a very high level of expertise in the Wraparound process. There are additional resources available to meet the needs in all areas of a youth’s life, such as team-based supportive funding, community mobilization teams, and special training and coaching for the Wraparound facilitators at Wings.

Wraparound Maine asks that all team members form one integrated plan that is developed by the family and their team. This allows collaborative, community based support with all team members, professional and natural supports alike, to support the family in achieving their goals and vision. Wraparound looks to its system of care partners and community supports to help these families reach their vision. It is through integrated teamwork that families with complex needs can attain their vision.

Wings is unique in that we have provided targeted case management for ALL families using the Wraparound process for almost 15 years; as described above, Wraparound Maine is a more recent state-wide initiative that is more resource-intensive, has highly skilled case managers as facilitators,  and is designed for youth at the highest risk of out-of-home placements.

Wings for Children and Families is currently accepting referrals for Wraparound Maine in Penobscot and Aroostook counties. The youths should be in imminent risk of placement, and should be between the ages of 5-18 years with a mental health diagnosis. If you would like to make a referral, call the Wings Intake Department at 1-800-823-2988. If you have specific questions about Wraparound Maine, contact the Wings Mobilization Specialist, Jessica Cambridge at 207-941-2988 (Penobscot County) or John Hayes at 207-493-4671 (Aroostook County).