Case Management

The wraparound process is a team-based process that helps groups of people involved in your family’s life work together toward a common goal on behalf of your child. For some wraparound teams, the goal is a team mission of how things will look in the future. The process is organized and delivered by the Case Manager. The team creates a plan that includes ways to assure that children/youth, with their families can experience success in their communities, homes, and schools. Parts of the process will seem familiar to you while other parts of it will not. Before you get started you should consider these areas:

What Do I Need To Know?
  • You will be asked to help develop a team. Based on your child's needs, the team might be very small with just a few family members and one provider, or could involve many providers, natural supports and community members to "wraparoun" and support your child.
  • You will be asked to identify your family’s strengths. You and your team will consider a variety of actions using the "robust brainstorming" "strengths-based" planning process that your case manager will facilitate.
  • Your wraparound plan Individual Support Plan (ISP) is a plan developed by the team with goals chosen by YOU. Your case manager will put it in writing and assure that it is working as planned, by checking in with you, your child and other team members to monitor the plan.
  • You and your team will get an opportunity to evaluate whether your plan is meeting the goals on a regular basis, at least every 90 days, but often more frequently as needed.
What Can I Expect?
  • You can expect a Case Manager is assigned to your family.
  • You can expect that the Case Manager may ask you to sign papers so that he or she can talk to other people in preparing for your first team meeting.
  • You can expect regular team meetings that will be set up and run by your case manager, and perhaps by you and others as time goes on.
  • You can expect your first youth/child and family team meeting to occur within one month of your initial opening visit with your Case Manager.
  • You can expect to get copies of all plans
  • Throughout the process, you can expect to be respected and your voice to be heard and valued as the person who best knows your youth!

Where Can I Get More Information?