Washington County

Wings has been serving Washington County since 1995 and has a strong committment to youth and families in the "Sunrise County." By hiring qualified case managers who live in Washington county, we are assuring that families are served by someone who knows their community and the unique needs of their culture.


The case managers in our Machias office travel all over Washington county to visit youth and families in their homes, at school meetings, and other places to better meet the needs of children. They know the resources in Washington county inside and out and can provide the best assistance to families with information, referral support, and monitoring plans to make sure goals are being met in a satisfactory manner - so that children and successful and families are together.


Our Local Office Contact Info:

Wings for Children & Families

11 Free Street (PO Box 638)

Machias, ME 04654

(207) 255-0551

800-749-0224 (toll free)

FAX: (207) 255-0129

For information or to make a referral call 1-800-823-2988