Data Department - Evaluating What We Do

Why do we collect data?
The most important reason to collect data for us, as an agency, is to make sure that we are serving families well and to improve our services when needed. Some of the data we collect goes to the State of Maine's Department of Health and Human Services Children's Behavioral Health Services, who helps fund our service. Like us, they also gauge how families are doing and determine how services can be improved. This is especially helpful when advocating for service funds for children and families.
What data is collected?
  • Data that describes our clients--age, gender, location, etc.
  • Data to track changes over time--performance and attendance in school, contacts with law enforcement, etc.
  • Data from instruments that measure changes in problem behaviors and levels of functioning.
  • Data to track client psychiatric hospitalizations and therapeutic residential placements.
  • Yearly Parent and Youth Satisfaction data to determine level of satisfaction of services and how to improve services.
Who collects the data?
  • Case Managers Parents and families
  • Wings staff, such as intake workers
  • Independent contracted researchers (on occasion)